I want to create iPhone/iPad application

Our specialists cover all aspects of web and mobile services, including iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android development, web site design and development, SEO, graphic and print design. Client should leave all of the development to us.

We'll take care of all our client's needs. We want to make sure the end product is not just a representation of our client's vision, but also something that will grow with their business and really help maximize the success of the company or individual.

Who we are and what we do

Today's world is a fast moving place, and to blend into this new world, anyone needs to answer everyday's change. Those changes in turn are creating a huge demand for better technology solutions.
The best representation of the harsh and turbulent world - is taking your position at the global market - Apple's App Store. With more than 800.000 different iPhone and iPad applications available, you need to do more than just "create an application" - in order to become and remain visible, you need constant work and constant innovation.

At Despotsoft, we have recognized what is the way to go - innovation. You will not find answers and solutions for questions asked by today’s world by going on well-known and tested path. We know that it takes courage, imagination and perseverance to innovate.

Constant creative boost is our main goal, because creative approach is the only way to address the needs of a better tomorrow. Our philosophy is to power creative solutions, ideas and design. Our mission at Despotsoft is to create easy-to-use, cost-effective and technically sound solutions. No matter - if we are creating those solutions "in house", for our clients, our mission needs to be fulfilled.

Our team

Our team consists of top cutting edge designers and software developers. Quality of our team members guarantees that every part of the development process, from idea, over design to implementation and testing will be covered and carried out.

Our engineers and designers will listen to your requests, model it accordingly, and provide you a top quality solution, either you want just client application (iPhone or iPad), server or full solution.

Where we are

Despotsoft is company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With offices also in Serbia. But our clients are worldwide and our market is global.

What are our strenghts

Despotsoft is a small company with big expertise in different areas of software development, with main target - developing application for Apple App Store. By being a small company with large experience, it gives opportunity for easier and faster positioning, according to the circumstances on the market.

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